Red Rover, Red Rover

Let Gover come over!

Mike Gover from Bozeman is not a blogger, not yet, but he is very generous with his cards and looks over your sets and wantlists and sends out some awesome stuff. 

Exhibit A - The Greatest Flying Display Known to Man (and the reason the Cavaliers will win their first championship ever, and Cleveland's first in 45 years!)

Exhibit B - The Gradyness of Grady

Exhibit C - Two flavors of Kille-brew

Exhibit D - The Non-Steroidal Creme-de-la-Creme

Exhibit E - The World's Strongest Man winner

Exhibit F - The Worst place in the World to see a Baseball or Football Game (thank goodness it was torn down!)

Thank you, Mike, and I will continue to keep those cards coming.

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