From the Where Are They Now files:

Dave at Fielder's Choice - no post in 3 weeks

Bailey at The Nennth Inning - no post in 2 months

Green Monster - no post since January 21st (I have a big stack of cards for trade waiting for his response)

Papajv at Treasure Never Buried - no post since April 9th

MLB Collector - no post in 4 months!

Where have our brethren gone? Three of the most prolific writers of our genre have fallen off the map. I know Bailey has participated in a few breaks recently, but no posts at all? Does anyone have any insight into their whereabouts? Please, guys (& gals), show yourselves!


victor said...

I dont know -
I am huge fan of Fielder's choice -CUBVIC

night owl said...

I know Dave has said he's taking a blogging break. Bailey's still around, just not posting. JV has said as much on his blog that he just doesn't have the interest or time.

It's too bad. However, some new nice card blogs have started, too. It's not like we have fewer of them. And that's great.

steveisjewish said...

just sent some cards off the Bailey for winning the body count contest - so hes still kickin - the word on joey the mlb collector is he is re organizing his collection and plans to come back with a fury - but ill believe it when i see it

Anonymous said...

I'm still around. I've been busy lately so blogging has gone on the backburner (it can get pretty time-consuming). I'm more so just a reader of other blogs now. Also I haven't really had anything interesting to post in a while. Collecting has slowed too, but I've participated in my fair share of group breaks and such. Maybe I will start up again in the future but for now, it's a nice vacation from a reader's POV.