Is a Free Gift an Oxymoron?

I had only read about Baseball Dad's giveaway the day before I actually received it in the mail, so I was only mostly surprised at the package that came on Saturday. I love the generosity of this community of baseball card collectors and bloggers that we have built. These are all like-minded individuals who, like me, get a charge out of giving their "stuff" away and helping others to collect their personal favorites and finish off sets.

Jack is, like me, an Indians fan, so I know that he won't be sending me that Dennis Eckersley signed rookie card any time soon, but he is more than generous in sending me cards that he knows I want and/or need, like Jim Thome and Cliff Lee cards. 

The Thome card is very cool! It is a Flair Showcase "Grace" card, which is a new one to me. I will have to look it up to see what that one is about. I love the stickers, and am continuing to give away mine to all my compadres.

Two of the things that he sent, though, are of particular interest. Jack sent along a certificate for half-off Indians tickets, including Friday the 31st of July. What I want to know is, How did he know that I would be in Cleveland that weekend?!!?!?! I'm visiting my parents with my wife and kids, and my sister is flying in from Miami with one of her sons, and we actually are going to the Indians game on Saturday night, the 1st of August. Hmmmm, I might have to make this a double-header weekend! Oh, by the way, it also happens to be the National in Cleveland that weekend, so I just might have to take a day to go out there. Gawd, I hate when that happens!

And the last item is wicked cool (as they say in Bah-stahn): 

It's a CD with some of the great baseball-related audio tracks ever, such as "Who's on First" and Lou Gehrig's farewell speech. I can't wait to listen to this!

Thanks, Jack, er, I mean, Baseball Dad! Yeah, that's it: Thanks, Dad!

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Your Welcome.I was just excited to have lasted for at least 100 posts!I automatically sent them to all whom I'd dealt with so far and a few more who actually read my words and requested the gift.And I probably am old enough to be your Dad ! My two birth sons and I will be at the Nationals sometime over that week-end.