More Trade Days Deals

As I previously mentioned, I had a great Trade Days this past Saturday, and came away with a bounty of cards. I did have to trade away some cards that I was not thrilled to part with, but I was able to get some good value in return. 

In exchange for the Tulo Exquisite Rookies autogamer, I got the Victor I showed before, and the Nate McLouth I mentioned:

It's a pretty good card for a player I've considered becoming a collector of. He is not having the greatest year, from what I understand because I haven't been following MLB on a day-to-day basis (mostly because my beloved Indians are LOUSY). But this is a very nice red-ink rookie auto. The card design itself? Eh. Not the greatest. But it is an auto.

I also pulled off a trade for my Brandon Phillips 08 Masterpieces auto-patch, which hurt, but I got a great Ripken, a Maddux jersey and a Jeter/Ramirez dual swatch.

I then turned around and traded the Maddux relic and a 08 Heritage throwback autograph of Lee Tate for a Griffey Sr. Sweet Spot auto, a few Indians, and this auto:

I've got autos, now, from three of the best prospects in the Indians farm system: LaPorta, Santana and Mills. LaPorta is already up with the big team from AAA, and is hitting OK, for now, but he needs some more seasoning. Unless he starts to rip the cover off the ball, he probably will be going down again for a little while longer. 

Then there is the cards that my son traded for. He is usually looking out for Indians cards for me, and came across this disaster from the dumb UD 20th Anniversary set:

I wish he would have left this one where it was. It brings back lots of, um, well, good memories?

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