I love trade days!

Got three - count 'em, one, two, three! - packages in the mail today. One from Ryan at Trader Crack, one from Chris H. at Stale Gum, and one from Gellman at Sports Cards Uncensored.

First, lets start with the star of the show: the Tulo autogamer that I won on SCU's Exquisite Baseball Rookies box break.

Now, THIS is a cool card. When my son saw it, he walked around saying "AWESOME!" for ten minutes. He had never seen anything like this (in my collection, at least) before. Well, I agree with him. It is slick-looking, with a nice pinstripe in the 0, a nice signature, and a rookie card to boot.


Next up, Chris sent me some cards from a trade. I had sent him about 50 or so cards from his extensive list of sets that he is looking to complete. I think I sent him some from the 80's all the way up to the present. Glad I can help. He said he didn't have enough from my trade list, so he sent me a great surprise in addition to the Heritage and Goudey: two shiny inserts of Omar Vizquel ("ooooooohhhhh, shiny!!!!!!!), which I will post later, and this gem:

This is also a great card, and my son wholeheartedly agrees. "Awesome!" was the response to this one as well. He likes Chipper, and so do I. The back of the card is even more interesting, going over the details of his 1999 MVP season:

If you can't read it, I'll transcribe:

He just may be baseball's most perfect player. In 1999, Jones hit for average (.319) and power (45 home runs), drew walks (126) and stole bases (25). He excelled at third base, was a clubhouse leader and fan favorite, belted game-winning homers during the pennant race and led Atlanta to the World Series. Those are the quintessential MVP credentials.

I'll bet you never thought you'd see the word " quintessential" on a baseball card before, didja?

And last, but certainly not least, Ryan sent me a large package of '07 Goudey that his put a major dent in my collection. I must have filled out eight or nine more pages. And like dayf said, it is very cool to see a page completed.

Thanks Ryan, Chris and Gellman.

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