Jawdy signs out from Utah

As you may know by now, one of the best, and certainly the funniest, box-breaker on YouTube is pulling up his Utah roots and heading home to New Jersey for his job. He will probably be off the air for a while, and I'm sure it will kill him to know that all this trading and box-breaking goes on without him, but we gotta finish those sets and keep Topps and UD in business somehow!

I recently sent him some Phillies I had, including a Lieberthal autograph, and he sent me two beautiful Indians cards. 

First up is this 2008 Topps Heritage Chrome refractor of Victor Martinez. The card, like all the chrome refractors I've seen, is warped like a boat, from side to side, so it doesn't sit flat in the scanner. I had to scan this several times to get it positioned correct. Also, his autograph has got to be one of the silliest ones out there. Fortunately, this is not his real autograph. This one is:

Much better, although his autograph is cut off due to the sticker being too small. Couldn't they figure out a better way to have the signatures on a sticker? Better yet, forget stickers, send these guys the whole damn card! 

Enough ranting about both these cards. They are a GREAT addition to my Indians collection. I love autographs, Love autogamers, LOVE numbered autogamers, and LOVE LOVE LOVE low-numbered autogamers. This 2008 Spectrum card is in this last category. The only way it could be better if it was shiny, like the Heritage. Ooooooooh, shine-eeeeeeeeeee!

Thanks, Jawdy, and good luck with the move. We'll be looking forward to you getting back online as soon as possible.

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Jawdy said...

You are welcome! I got your cards and they are sitting on the tarmac waiting to be shipped to the homeland - Cherry Hill, NJ!