JoshSamBob - can a man with three first names be trusted?

Of course he can. He is a fellow blogger and compatriot of Jawdy. Together, they run the blog Cardaholics Anonymous.

So it is ironic that on the same day, I get a package from Jawdy and one from JoshSamBob. Jawdy went for the Indians collector in me, and Josh went for the set collector. He sent a good variety of cards needed to further my 2009 Topps set, including ten ToppsTown cards (I still haven't figured out why I'm collecting them - oh, well) and nearly that amount of Turkey Reds. I love those TRs. The backgrounds are a bit goofy, but I like the frames and the painted picture, much like UD Masterpieces or A&G. As if that wasn't enough, he also threw in some of the Legends series, many people's favorite from this year. 

There are some wonderful cards here. Longoria and Ellsbury looking casual, Christy Matthewson going into his wind-up, Tris Speaker reaching for that line drive, Sisler throwing the runner out at home, and Roberto Clemente preparing to lace a screamer into the gap in left-center. At least those are the stories that these cards tell me!

Thanks, JoshSamBob!


JoshSamBob said...

Happy to help, Dan!

Any chance you want to link to the blog in the body of your post? :)


gcrl said...

nice cards. i like the old-timers on the turkey reds especially.

btw, i finally posted about some of the great stuff you've been sending my way!