Generosity in a Box

Yesterday, in addition to the package from Chris, I also got a package from Rod at Padrographs. We did a trade from my Trade Me an Auto post. Rod liked the Peavy jersey, so I sent that off to him, and as far as I can remember, which probably isn't too far, that is all I sent him. 

Suffice to say, I now feel like a heel that I did not send more. You see, Rod was generous enough to send me a small plastic container filled with Indians, including:

I always love getting a Grady Sizemore card. And the card title is appropriate, because that is the way he plays the game. He feels it. All out. All the time. Lovin' it.

As for Lefty, I had forgotten that he played for part of a season for the Indians. He signed with the Indians, then was traded halfway through the 1987 season to the Twins for the immortal Player Tuby Namedlater, who turned out to be Jeff Perry. (Who?!) You know you've come down a long way from the mountain when the Indians didn't want you. 

But that wasn't all I found in the box. First, in addition to the Sizemore relic, Rod snuck in a relic of a pretty good ballplayer in his time.

This is a pretty cool card, because the relic is a piece of his uniform pants, and it is obviously wool! Can you imagine playing baseball in the summer in wool clothing? Even in Cleveland, it was probably like being in a sauna. Joshua and I put the sizemore relic and this one side by side to feel the difference. The newer uniforms are very light, probably very breathable. That wool is unbelievably heavy and thick!

Rod could have stopped there, but hidden in the middle were two autographs. I wasn't sure he actually intended to put them in, so I didn't post this for a day in order to make sure that he meant to send them. He did, and now I am the proud owner of two more Indians autographs:

That's right. Rod sent over a Jay Bell autograph! And for kicks, he threw in this ratty old card of some guy who used to play for the Tribe in the Stone Age, some guy named Fella, or Feller, or something like that.

Holy Shitake Mushrooms! Bob Feller! A Hall of Famer! How cool is that? 

Rod, you da man!

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Jeffrey Wolfe said...

That '87 Topps Traded card of Carlton is AWESOME. I didn't know a card of Lefty as an Indian even existed.