A Memorable Moment?

Another Trade Days on Saturday at the local shop. That means cashing in some of the trade value I have left over with some others, picking up some of the Turkey Reds and Legends I need for this year's set, and buying some cards. I decided to pick up some of the remaining packs of Legendary Cuts. I think I did OK.

First pack, I pull a Joe Torre jersey with a pinstripe.

Joe may not be a Hofer based on his playing days, but he certainly is based on his coaching, mostly from the World Series titles he won with the Yankees.

In the third of four packs, I got this Memorable Moments card:

To me, these are a bit strange, since this is not a relic or an auto. It's just a piece of paper inset into the card outlining a memorable moment in their life. This one has to do with Ford going to law school. Yeah, another relevant card in a baseball product.

I'm in deep negotiations to trade this, otherwise I might sell it. The Torre, well, I'm undecided on that one. If you want to make an offer, I'm willing to listen.

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Slette said...

I may have a couple of Tribe jersey cards I could offer in exchange for the Torre... I gotta double check.