Some Cheese with those Nachos, Please

Chris from Nachos Grandes sent me a few more cards to help with my sets. I'm slowly getting there, but I still could use all the help I can get in finishing the 2008 sets. Plus, anyone who has forty or fifty of the 09 Heritage to trade, please let me know, as I have 40-some base cards available and I would love to finish that set as soon as I can, hopefully faster than the 08 Heritage, which I'm still working on.

First off is this black-out Walmart version of #7 Mickey Mantle. Why is he jumping like a shortstop to make a throw? Maybe it was a quick turnaround in center field after cutting off a hit to right-center.

Next, we have a few of the 08 Goudey Sports Royalty. Dr. J was amazing, and this was obviously a picture later in his career, after his move from the ABA to the NBA, and from Big Fro to short fro. I once saw a magazine article with a lifesize picture of his hand. The tip of his middle finger to the bottom of his palm fit perfectly corner-to-corner on an 8x10 page of the magazine, about 50% larger than a normal human hand. No wonder he could do those amazing, acrobatic moves to the hoop while palming the ball. 

Chase Utley looks great in this alternative Phillies uniform. I love the blue hat with the red brim and red lettering and shirt. I think the Phillies will be very good this year again, in no part due to an expected outstanding season by Utley, but I don't think they will win the World Series again. Sorry Jawdy and Chris H. I think that, if the Indians don't win it, the Yankees or the Yankees will.

And speaking of the Yankees, Chris also sent me a great 09 Spectrum jersey of CC Sabathia. Indians uniform. Brewers card. Yankees team member. I guess this card is so far out of date that it probably shouldn't even appear in the set like this. Nice job, UD. My feelings about some of the insert sets in this year's edition of Spectrum are well-known, but I still love some CC, even now. I hope he does great this year, except against the Tribe.

Thanks again, Chris, for the great cards!


FanOfReds said...

Glad you got 'em and liked 'em!

Ben said...

For whatever reason, Topps decided to dig up a shot of Mantle as a shortstop to use. Between 1953 and 1955, Mantle played a grand total of seven games at short.

He also played one game at third in '52 and one a second in '54.

At least they didn't put him in an Arizona Diamondbacks uniform.

JoshSamBob said...

Ditto what Ben said... plus, look at the position on the front of the Mantle card - it says "SS."