Trivia Contest, Day 8

I guess the Day 7 Trivia Question was too hard. However, it is actually on the 1972 card of Gene Mauch, and the anser is Mickey Owen of the Brooklyn Dodgers, on 8-4-41. Not to say that someone else may have done it, too, but the hints should have helped. He was a 4-time All-Star during WWII, and had a lifetime batting average of .255!

So the standings remain the same. Captain Canuck is still in the lead by 1.

Here is today's question:

Who hit 2 triples in his first two big league at bats, but never had another triple in his major league career?

Extra Credit: Who was the pitcher he hit them off of? 

Hint: He was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals, but hit the triples for a different team.

Good Luck! You'll need it!

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Captain Canuck said...

CRAP! Owens was my 2nd choice last question... if only you had said all star "during WWII" in the clue! AACK!


John Sipin for San Diego off of Ken Holtzman of Chicago on 5/24/69