Trivia Contest, Day 9

AWESOME! Captain Canuck comes through again. Yes, the answer is John Sipin for the San Diego Padres on May 24th, 1969 off of Ken Holtzman of the Cubs. 

Wow, he really knows his trivia! So Captain Canuck takes a 3 point lead over Cardboard Addiction with two questions to go.

Next trivia question is:

Who caught a fly ball behind the monuments at Yankee Stadium?

Extra Credit: What other famous, one-of-a-kind feat is he known for?

Good Luck to all!


Slette said...

Would that be Al Gionfriddo who also broke up Bill Bevens' no hitter in the 47 World Series in the bottom of the 9th?

Captain Canuck said...

Jimmy Piersall

also known for 6 hits in one game.

(also, he was completely nuts. Subject of a movie Fear Strikes Out)

Sooz said...

al gionfriddo, that's my guess.

night owl said...

You can't slip a trivia question past me that was on a cartoon on the back of my favorite card of all-time (1975 Ron Cey).

Jimmy Piersall.

He also ran backwards around the bases after hitting a home run.