Interesting Article on Trivia

In researching some trivia questions for my contest, I came across an article in the Baseball Almanac that has some fascinating ruminations on distances in baseball. It talks about the shortest hits to the longest outs to the amazing feats of batting, fielding and pitching, all as it relates to the distances. I highly recommend reading it, although I must warn that some of the facts don't check out, and some of the information is unsubstantiated.

Among those is the story of Joe Morgan hitting a home run during a pennant-race-influencing game at Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati. It describes how the homer broke the glass in a loge which then fell and killed a woman in the stands, literally chopping her in half while an oblivious Morgan rounded the bases.

Is this story true? Can anyone verify this? Just curious, because it sounds too improbable.

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dayf said...

I knew it! Joe Morgan is the Antichrist!

Actually, the only death I know of at Riverfront was John McSherry.