Trivia Contest, Day 7

Seems I finally baffled everyone. Sorry about that, Captain Canuck, but I can't find any evidence that Orel Hershiser was a movie extra, according to IMDB. And Johnny Berardino wasn't a pitcher. "A" for effort, but no point.

The answer is Ray Lamb, according to the Milt Wilcox card from 1972.

The standings remain the same. Captain Canuck remains in the lead with Cardboard Addiction close on his heels. Next question:

Which catcher once caught three foul pop-ups in one inning?

Here is a hint: He was a 4-time all-star, but never hit .300 in his career!

Yes, this is really from a card trivia question. If you want, I will scan it to show everyone.

Please leave your answer in the comments, and I will post the answer tomorrow morning. The next few questions will have bonus points, so there is a chance for everyone, even if you are starting now. Good Luck!


night owl said...

Complete guess, because I don't have time to do research today: Ernie Lombardi.

And that Morgan HR story sounds like an Internet rumor.

Captain Canuck said...

ouch. tough one. I'll take a stab and say Bob Boone.