Trivia Contest, Day 6

Sorry. Late today. Went to sleep at 2 AM. Not used to it. Uuuugggggggg!

Coffee. Drink. Now. 


Happy New Year everyone!

The answer to yesterday's trivia question is the Chicago White Sox on Opening Day in 1940, when Bob Feller no-hit them. They came into the game with a .000 batting average, and left with a .000 batting average. 

PAB, GCRL, Night Owl, Captain Canuck, jacobmrley and dayf all got it right. The current standings are:

5 - Captain Canuck
4 - Cardboard Addiction
2 - Night Owl, dayf
1 - White Sox Cards, deal, Flash, MMayes, jacobmrley, PAB, GCRL

Good race going on with everyone in the backstretch!

Next question:

Which former Indian pitcher used to spend his off-seasons as a movie extra?

Again, this came right off of a baseball card, and I did verify that it is true. Check back tomorrow if you are stumped, and Good Luck!


Captain Canuck said...

Orel Hershiser is who you're after,appearing in a few movies and tv shows.

Allie Reynolds appeared on tv as well...
and infielder Johnny Beradino became a regular on tv soap operas..

dayf said...

I've been trying to figure this one out all day and I'm drawing a blank.