100th Post: Trivia Contest, Day 5

Business first. This is my 100th post. Yeah.

OK, now that THAT is out of the way, back to the Trivia Contest. This was a weird question, since the answer given on the Topps card said Joe Dimaggio in 1937 had 418 total bases. But if you check baseball-reference, it correctly notes that Stan Musial actually had 429 in 1948. Nice going, Topps.

If you guessed Joe D., I'm going to have to count that as a wrong answer. A good historian always checks his facts.

On the other hand, this question was much too easy to research, as baseball-reference has it right there for everyone to see. I'll be better at checking the ease of finding the answers for the rest of them.

Surprisingly, both Cardboard Addiction and Captain Canuck got this one wrong! And I'll give dayf a point, too, even though he mis-transcribed the total bases as 249. I think I know what he means.

The scores so far:

4 - Captain Canuck, Cardboard Addicition
1 - White Sox Cards, dayf, deal, Flash, Night Owl, MMayes

There is still a chance for everyone to catch up, though, as I will supply bonus questions for the last few days of the contest. Now, though, for today's question:

Which team is the ONLY team in Major League history to finish a ballgame with exactly the same batting average as when they started the game? Name the team and the date.

This is not from a baseball card, although it is a generally accepted fact about MLB, and if you have been paying attention, you should know the answer already. Good luck!


Cardboard Addiction said...

You got me on this one, so I'm going to blindly guess the Yankees and August 10, 1948. The fact that you say if you've been paying attention, you should know this it's pissing me off that I can't figure it out. Hopefully Cannuck doesn't get it either.

PAB said...

I'm going with the Chicago White Sox who entered the April 16, 1940 game with a .000 batting average and ended that game with a .000 batting average after being no-hit by Bob Feller.

This no-hitter is still the only one thrown on an opening day.

gcrl said...

bob feller no-hit the white sox on opening day,so their ba was .000 before and after the game.

night owl said...

I'm going to say the White Sox, who were no-hit by Bob Feller on opening day of the 1940 season. So they started with no average and ended with no average.

April 16, 1940

Captain Canuck said...

Chicago White Sox, April 16, 1940

I think that's what you're going for...

jacobmrley said...

April 16, 1940, Opening Day, Bob Feller throws a no hitter for the Cleveland Indians. So that means the Chicago White Sox had the same averages at the beginning and the end: .000

dayf said...

Chicago White Sox - April 16th 1490, um I mean 1940 after getting pwned by Rapid Robert.