Trade Updates

I've been remiss in not updating my For Trade list, and I haven't been keeping up with posting what everyone is generous enough to send me. So here is part of the solution.

Jeff Wolfe at Card Junkie sent me quite a few cards that I still need for the '87 Donruss that I am collecting, including these:

This is quite an amazing set of stars, even though the rookie class is meager. However, the cards I can find from this set are usually in great condition, and the design is really nice. I like this set so much that I can understand why Chris Harris used it for the background of his blog, Stale Gum.

And speaking of which, Chris sent me a variety pack of cards that I need for several of my sets, including a couple of Fleer Stickers, a green-framed '07 UD Masterpiece, some regular, A&G-back and black border '08 A&G minis, some 70's cards:

and an auto! Awesome 1/1 auto mojo...WAIT A MINUTE! WHAT IS THAT!

Is that a STICKER AUTO? And a CUT SIG?!!?!  #@$*^(@$*)@%&)^!@) 

I thought I was getting an on-card auto! Damn Stale Gum repack box!

Last, but certainly not least, I have left these on my desk for several weeks now. My apologies to Mark at Stats On the Back for delaying. He sent me a bunch of 1974 cards from my Wantlist, and put another big dent in it! Buddy Bell is one of my all-time favorite players. He was one of the first Indians I can remember, along with Frank Duffy, and I loved to watch him play the hot corner with deft and grace. I was heartbroken the day that he was traded for Toby Harrah, even though I came to like him as well. But Buddy was THE GUY. And the son and father of major leaguers, too! How's that for bloodlines! Thanks, Mark.

And thanks to Chris and Jeff, too.

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Jeffrey Wolfe said...

You're quite welcome. Thanks for all the cards you sent me.