Box Break minor victory

In the 2008 Playoff Prime Cuts box break over at Sports Cards Uncensored, run by the ingenious madman Gellman, White Sox Cards won big, and I mean BIG, with a Shoeless Joe Jackson & Jim Thorpe dual relic. WOW! I'm jealous! Y'know, Shoeless Joe played on the Indians before he played for the White Sox, so maybe I should get the card. No? Oh, well, gosh darnit!

I had the NY Mets for both boxes, along with the Angels in one and the A's in the other, so the odds were in my favor that if I was to get anything, it would be a Mets card. C'mon, Seaver! C'mon, Carter! I'll even settle for a measly Nolan Ryan Quad Relic Auto!

No? Oh, well, ....

I did, however, manage to get a pretty nifty auto-relic out of it, though. Maybe you know more about him than I do, but it is a nice bat and lazy autograph of Ike Davis. Is it just me, or does this guy's name sound like a politicians? "Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you our next Deputy Assistant Supervisor of the Secondary County Stabilization Regimen, Ike Davis!" (crowd roaring, girls screaming, panties thrown at him)

Back to reality. In 215 at bats at Single-A Brooklyn, he hit a whopping .256. Not racing up the ladder with a bullet. Hopefully, he'll knock the hell out of the ball this summer, get a call up to The Show, lead the Mets to the playoffs, hit a dramatic seventh-game game-winning homer, then die in a tragic motorcycle accident, ensuring his enduring fame and raising the value of this card to astronomical levels!

I can dream, can't I?

By the way, could Donruss have placed that sticker for his auto in a worse place? It looks like someone circled his crotch!

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