Ladies & Gentlemen, We Have a Winner!

I couldn't fool Captain Canuck, even with the most obscure of questions. He had the last one correct, also, and runs away with the prize.

The answer to the question is: Mike Krukow, who is now a broadcaster for the Giants (with one of my favorite players, Duane Kuiper), and is famous for being overly optimistic about their prospects for the coming year, resulting in the Krukow Kurse (a distant relative of the Cubs' Curse of the Goat). 

The final tally is:

13 - Captain Canuck
5 - Night Owl
4 - Cardboard Addiction, Wrigley Wax
2 - dayf
1 - White Sox Cards, deal, Flash, MMayes, jacobmrley, PAB, GCRL
nice comments - Patricia & Lucy from Dinged Corners

Captain Canuck will receive an autograph and a relic card from the Braves, his favorite team. And keep an eye out for another trivia contest soon! Thanks for participating.

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