Pimpin' a Box Breaker

I respect Dave's (from Fielder's Choice) opinion, so when he mentioned that a really great guy and his son do these box breaks on YouTube, I took a look and joined in a box break of 08 UD Heroes. Let me tell you, it was fantastic. Jawdy (or Jordan, to those without an accent) busted a case of Heroes, and pulled some amazing cards.

I traded with Jawdy for the Indians in addition to the Giants, and ended up getting two or three relics, plus a redemption for a dual autograph of Hafner and Martinez, plus all the base cards of the Indians. Awesome! Poor Jawdy opened 10 boxes, and his hands hurt so much after that he could barely open the bonus tins of Sweet Spot. He did a great job, along with his son, #1 Dragonoid, who is quite knowledgeable and a character to boot!

Jawdy is up to his old tricks again, and is doing a 10-box break of 2007 Fleer Ultra SE. It is only $15 per random team assignment, and the product looks great. There will be 50 hits total in the 10 boxes, so you have a good chance of getting at least 2 hits plus all the base cards. Trades are allowed.

If interested, PayPal your payment to jawdy@comcast.net. You can check out his YouTube channel at


See you there!

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Jawdy said...

Wow bro!! Awesome post. Thank you so very much for the press!! I appreciate it!!! LOL. You recognize the accent. I was born in Brooklyn, NY and the common nickname for 'Jordan' was 'Jordy' as a kid. But..the NY accent made it 'Jawdy'... I hope I pull a 1/1 for you!! THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!