More Old-Time Uniforms

I really love the look that some of these uniforms convey. Tough. Hard-nosed. Real men. 

Having said that, what's the deal with Giambi's A's uniform? It's only about 7 sizes too big! And those collars! Just like me leisure suit from the 70's!

I know that Chipper's uniform isn't technically "old-style," but the card was too cool to let it slip past without taking a look at it. Love those Indian-feathers on the sleeves!

I think that the White Sox logo is very cool, too. They should go back to that one.

Thanks to Brad at Rickey Henderson Collectibles for these great cards.


tastelikedirt said...

The A's announced today that thier would be a throwback Kansas City uniform they'll wear this year, the first thing I thought of was that Giambi card.

Dave said...

Yeah that Giambi card really jumped out at me as well. Awesome uniform. There's throwback, and there's throw-way-back.

tastelikedirt said...

I know there is a Terance Long card in that uniform. I'm almost positive Miguel Tejada also.

ManOfSteal said...

Glad you liked the cards! It was a lot of fun going through them all and pulling out the retro jerseys.