My Heroes

I participated in the Group Case Break of 08 UD Heroes over at Jawdy's Basement on YouTube. This was my first time doing this with someone other than a blogger, but the results were outstanding. I traded with Jawdy (hmm, hmm, excuse me, Jordan) for the Indians, giving him the A's. It was a pretty even trade since both teams only had four players in the set. It ended up that we both got excellent pulls. I also had the Giants, which I kept in the hopes of getting a Vizquel, which I did, and a Lincecum, which I did not.

As you can see above, I got two relics, a Vizquel numbered 037/200, and a Hafner numbered 01/25. (A 1 of 1, right? Not.) Plus, the bonus tins of Sweet Spot that Jordan broke for the group break instead of keeping them for himself (they were bonuses for buying the case, I believe, and I would have had a hard time NOT keeping them to myself) yielded two more hits for me and a great hit for Jordan. Mine were the Martinez, above, numbered 435/850, and the redemption, shown below:

Sweet! No, Sweet Spot! Holy Sweet Spots, Batman! A dual-auto, red-stitch, blue-ink of Hafner and Martinez. As I said before, "SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!" And just to make sure that I didn't shaft Jordan too much for trading me the Indians, he got a signature glove part from the Sweet Spot of the A's Kurt Suzuki. I also sent him an auto of Geoff Jenkins, since he and his son, Number1Dragonoid, are big Phils Fanatics, as a Thank You.

Please check out his YouTube channel, as he is really good at this, and is very well-spoken, and it is quite humorous, especially when his son is chiming in!


Jawdy said...

thanks Dan...it was a great deal for both of us and I am thrilled that your Indians did you well! Lemme know how the redemption goes for you as I am waiting now 3 months or so for my Griffey auto from Ballpark Collection from UD.

Cuyahogabend said...

Nice cards and great redemption. Jawdy runs an excellent break and we're looking forward to another soon.