Masterpieces of the Universe

OK, I've said it a million times already, but I love UD Masterpieces. And Upper Deck better get their heads out of their proverbial behinds and bring this product back while canning some of the really overpriced, overhyped, overexposed, over-junkified, over-relic'ed stuff like X and Documentary. (I can't think of the names of the high-end stuff right now, but I know you know what I'm talking about.)

In the meantime, let me extol the virtues of UD Masterpieces. The base cards are terrific, except maybe for the Papelbon squat, the Maddux pot, and the Hochever goofy deer in the headlights look and oversized cap. Oh, and the factual errors on the backs. And the tendency for the bordered cards to get torn, ripped or bent. And the sketchy gold leaf on the base cards that is hard to read. 

Other then THAT, I love them. It is a manageable sized set, with only 30 short prints, and numerous parallels. 

The frame effect is fantastic, especially on some of the short-prints.

The game-used are simple and classy, the autos are on-card, and the patches are very nice.

If there was one product I wish they would bring back, it was this. Maybe I'll make my own icon like the Bring Back Stadium Club. I guess I should be careful what I ask for, because I just may get it, as the reincarnation of TSC shows!

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Jawdy said...

I LOVE the set too but I voted UD Heroes and Topps Chrome ahead of it this year because the short prints are REALLY REALLY hard to get. I busted three hobby boxes and now have to spend (or trade)for all the rest. The design IS great though!