Trivia Contest, Day 10

The answer is Jimmy Piersall, who also circled the bases facing backwards after hitting his 100th career home run while with the Mets. He only played forty games for the Mets in 1963, and was promptly traded. 

Captain Canuck comes through again, and takes a commanding lead, but more than one person has had six hits in a game. Sorry, but No Soup For You! You are right, though. He was nuts! He attacked teammates and umps and spanked a teammate's son!

Making a late charge is Night Owl, who gets both the regulation question and the Extra Credit question for an extra 2 points!

In an interesting development, the only other answer from both Sooz and Slette is Al Gionfriddo. I can't verify that he did catch one behind the monuments, though. Sorry.

The standings going into the last question are:

8 - Captain Canuck
5 - Night Owl
4 - Cardboard Addiction
2 - dayf
1 - White Sox Cards, deal, Flash, MMayes, jacobmrley, PAB, GCRL

OK, this last one is for all the marbles. I need to make this a tough one, and I'll add an Extra Credit question, so the total value will be 5 points for this one.

Which major league pitcher wrote a song for Bruce Sutter's wedding in 1975? (3 points)

This pitcher is also the source of a "curse" on a major league club. Which team is that? (2 points)

Confused? Well, as this is Final Jeopardy, and Captain Canuck is out ahead by more than 2 points, I have to make this one hard and give everyone a chance. Good Luck!


Wrigley Wax said...

If this is Final Jeopardy, then...

Q. 1 - Who is Mike Krukow?

Q. 2 - Who are the Giants?

Both Sutter and Krukow broke in with the Cubs and I remember seeing a cartoon on the back of a card that talked about Krukow writing a song for Sutter.

night owl said...

I don't have any more time to do research so I'm just going to guess:

Ernie Broglio and the Cubs.

Captain Canuck said...

Mike Krukow

Krukow's curse - on the Giants

Dinged Corners said...

great, fun questions. she said while standing on the sidelines.