Dinged Corners answers

Here are my answers to Lucy's and Patricia's questions:

Round 1

1. If I didn't collect baseball cards, I'd collect Stamps.

I used to collect stamps, and still have them, but haven't even looked at them in 30 years!

2. My baseball heroes include one you probably didn't know from my blog, and that person is Jackie Robinson, for being a true pioneer and enduring the jeers and cleats of many people in baseball, including his teammates.

3. Every New Years I resolve to Give Away my collection.

No, not all of it. But as you may have read, I love helping others finish their sets, so I'd LOVE to give away all those 88 Donruss, 92 Upper Deck, and 78 Topps that I have in the 5000-count boxes downstairs.

4. If I could spend a day with one person from baseball history, it would be Babe Ruth.

Who else? He was probably a lot of fun to be around, and would have had many, many, many great stories. Plus, I could have gotten his autograph!

Round 2

1-What is your favorite kind of dog?

A golden retriever. We had one until this past spring, when we had to put our 12-year-old dog, Cody, to sleep.

2-Who is your favorite baseball player?

Right now? Grady Sizemore. Previously? Duane Kuiper.

3-What is your favorite team?

4-What is your favorite baseball movie?

Bull Durham.

5-What is your favorite baseball book?

The Summer of '49, by David Halberstam. A great author, and a tremendously well-written account of the baseball race between the Yankees, Red Sox and Indians in 1949.

6-What is your favorite card?

My favorite card is probably the 1955 Ernie Banks RC with the beaten-up corners that looks like someone's dog got to it. A great find, and it came in a lot that I wasn't expecting it. 

Thanks for asking, Patricia & Lucy!

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