Trivia Contest, Day 3

Cardboard Addiction and Captain Canuck take the lead in the Trivia Contest with 3 points each. They both answered correctly that Larry Yount had the shortest pitching stint in Astros history, injuring himself while warming up and never throwing a pitch on September 15, 1971. 

Trivia Question #3:

Who was the last left-handed throwing second baseman in Indians history? 

No, these are not trick questions. They all come from Trivia questions on cards that I've been searching through lately. 

Again, leave your answer in a Comment. And don't forget to check out the contest at Night Owl Cards.


AdamE said...

I looked and looked for a left handed Indians Second Baseman. Is it a trick question by any chance?

Cardboard Addiction said...

indians pitcher Sudden Sam McDowell played 1 game there on July 6, 1970.

night owl said...

You have no idea how many Indians second basemen I've gone through in an effort to find this answer. And I still don't know! It can't be anyone who started regularly for the Indians in the last 100-plus years. Had to be a bench player. Either that or he was ambidexterous or something.

Captain Canuck said...

Sam McDowell - 1970