Trivia Contest, Day 2

Saturday's Trivia answer: Frank Howard, in the World Series, 10-6-1963. 

Surprisingly, the only other answer supplied was Pops Stargell.

The correct answer (and date) was submitted by Cardboard Addiction, White Sox Cards, and Captain Canuck. They all take a quick 2-0 lead.

OK, here's the next question:

The record for the shortest pitching stint of an Astro belongs to whom? 

Leave your answer in the comments, and I will let you know the answer tomorrow morning. I will also sweeten the pot with a relic as well as the aforementioned autograph. Good Luck. 

While I have your attention, please check out the contest the Greg is having over at Night Owl. Everyone has an even chance of guessing which card came out of each pack he has listed. The winner gets ALL the cards. Much better deal than my pathetic little contest, but Hey, it's only my first one. 


Cardboard Addiction said...

Robin's little known older brother Larry Yount. Sorry to hog these answers, but I love baseball trivia.

Captain Canuck said...

Robin Yount's brother, Larry Yount. He appeared in one game in 1971 but failed to record an out.

Close to him are Hipolito Pichardo who in 2002 pitched in one game, going 1/3 of an inning. And Phil Barzilla, who in 2006 appeared in one game, recording one out.