Shout out to Fan of Reds

Here's a shout out to Chris over at Nachos Grande (or Fan of Reds). I sent him 30 or so '08 A&G Minis, and he sent back some Topps Heritage, including two more inserts, some '08 A&G, including two Short Prints, and some A&G minis. Thanks, Chris!

Now I'm really getting close to finishing off some of these sets. I only need 8 more to finish the '08 Allen & Ginter (anyone listening out there?), and only 59 of the '08 Topps Heritage. So many SP's in that Heritage set that it makes it near impossible to finish, and I know I'll never get those super-rare Smoltz and Santana variations. But it's nice to finish off most of the pages and only have a few holes in the binder to fill. 

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FanOfReds said...

Glad you got 'em and liked 'em. I'm in the process of sorting through the plethora of trades I've bene part of. I'll try to get some posts up next week on my end of the trades. My sets are moving along nicely - though if you want to be discouraged with short prints, I think Goudey has every other set beat this year. It's impossible!