Card of the Moment

Another store I frequent, mostly for supplies like binder pages and storage boxes, usually has "fresh" boxes of cards, some back to the early 90's. No discount, though. Still full price. Every once in a while I will peruse the packs and pick out something like an 02 Donruss or a 97 Upper Deck. 

Today, stuck under all the other junk, was the Hobby box of 1999 Topps Gold Label. $4.95 per pack is pretty steep, even for a 10 year old pack of cards. But I bit on two of them (and two packs of 2000 Stadium Club, which I'll get to in a later post) and ripped to find some really nice cards. Thick. Good photography. Nice gold embossing. Refractor technology. Fairly simple design, which is something I like in a card. Not enough stats on the back, but, hey, they do have his career stats, and an interesting "Avg. Season" stat line, based on 550 at-bats. 

There are five cards per pack, and though there were a few stars and one insert, nothing stood out as a WOW card. However, I did get a Wade Boggs in the A.L. champion Tampa Bay Rays uni. (Doesn't that have a nice ring to it, Fielder's Choice?!) 

His career bests, aside from his average, are not that impressive. He maxed out at 89 RBI's, and only hit 24 home runs in his best year. 240 hits is pretty impressive, though, as is the .368 batting average. But a lifetime .329 hitter is very impressive, and he won two Gold Gloves ('94, '95). 

Why, though, did they have to mention the "chicken thing." Didn't that all come out because of the affair he had? Well, at least he donated the profits from his cookbook "Fowl Tips" to charity!


shanediaz82 said...

That's a nice looking card! I still shudder when I see Boggs in anything but a Red Sox uniform, but a great card nonetheless.

Dave said...

I shudder when I see Boggs in anything but a Devil Rays uniform! Ha! The uniform that he got his 3000th hit in is in the Hall of Fame - I was very excited to see it there last December when I was there. By the way, he did eat chicken before every game...