Serendipitous Accident

I was at my favorite individual pack store yesterday, just down the hall from my favorite singles, autos & hobby box shop, and decided to splurge on a variety of cards: '02 Fleer, '02 Donruss, '94 Upper Deck, '00 TSC, '91 Ultra, '00 Skybox, '99 UD Choice. Basically, a pack or two of any baseball I could find. I thought I spied some Fleer Metal, thinking it was also baseball, until I got home and discovered it was basketball. Drats! No way to return this, either, since I'd already started to rip!

Much to my surprise, though, the first card out was the one below: a rookie Kevin Garnett! Go figure, I can't pull a decent auto or relic out of an entire box, but with only one pack of basketball, I get a RC of a future Hall of Famer!

Has anyone else ever had an experience like that? I'm sure you all have.

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