2000 TSC

As promised, here are the 2000 Topps Stadium Club cards that I recently purchased. I love the gloss and the almost-3D effect that they give by blurring the background and and sharpening the foreground. (For those Photoshop users, I believe that it is an Unsharp Mask.) However, the names are difficult to read, especially on a scan, unless you hold them at just the right angle. I also prefer the stats to be complete from his rookie season to the previous year, not this Batting Breakdown that they did. 

I didn't get any inserts or parallels, but the pick of the litter was this Alex Rodriguez card. Lifetime .308 hitter with a .551 slugging percentage and an OBP of .363. That adds up to an OPS of .914. Not too shabby. Even more impressive is the "Bottom Line" fact: by the time this was written in 2000, after only 642 games (4 years), he had already hit more home runs than 17 of the 18 Hall of Fame shortstops. I believe that Ernie Banks is the only one at the time who was ahead of him. He has since passed him, though.

The next two are what I will call the "I don't got it! Do you?" series. It is pretty self-explanatory.

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