Old Style Uniforms

In the last six months, I've looked at thousands of cards, and sifted through thousands more. Any collector has. That is part of the definition of "collecting," particularly when it comes to baseball cards. 

I find that the cards I like the best, besides the Indians, autos and HOFers, are those in which the players are wearing the "old-style" uniforms. Maybe I'm a traditionalist. Maybe it is because I had to wear the sanitary socks and the stirrups when I was growing up playing Little League. (No, I'm not that old.) Maybe it is because I'm sick of seeing players like Manny-being-Manny disrespecting the uniform. I really don't like the ultra-baggy, cuffs-to-the-ground pants. I didn't like the Astros garish orange-striped uniform, and I certainly didn't like the Indians awful all-red ones either. 

I present the Gallery of Old-Time Uniforms.

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