Card of the Moment IV

Today, I'd like to look at future Hall-of-Famer Frank Thomas, and the difference between a Class 1 Topps Gold Label card and a Class 3 cards. Immediately below is the Class 1 card of The Big Hurt, and futher down is the Class 3 card. The backs of the cards are identical, save for the very small "Class #" indication just under the Sox logo.

However, the big differences are on the front of the card. There are several overlapping images on the front of each of the Topps Gold Label cards. The base images are the same for each class of cards - in this case, Big Frank just after taking a good swing and, it appears, starting to run for first. The secondary images are different, though. The Class 1 card shows Frank taking what looks to be like a home run swing, while the Class 3 shows him in the field, a position he is becoming much less accustomed to lately. The tertiary image is a logo of the team behind the first two images. Class 1 is just the team name, but Class 3 has the Sox logo, almost completely obscured by The Big Obscuration. Don't you think they could have made the logo just slightly bigger so that you could make it out better?

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capewood said...

I like those 1999 Gold Label cards. I bought one pack back then. $4 for a 5 card pack. I did get Ripken and Griffey Class 1 cards and one Class 2 card (Buhner). The Ripken and Griffey are still booking at $6 total so I guess I got my money's worth.