Thanks for the trades!

Some trade news - didn't take long, did it?!!?!!

Thanks to dayf from Cardboard Junkie for sending a whole stack of Indians along, including these two:

I always love getting autos, and the Cliff Lee is superb, since this is from a set I collect! Awesome, Dave!

The Night Owl, a.k.a. Greg, who is from up in this neck of the woods, sent over some set-building stuff, including some '73 and '75 Topps, some '08 Allen & Ginter, '07 Goudey, '08 Heritage and '08 Topps inserts. One of the '73s that I'm in awe of is the Jim "Catfish" Hunter #235. He was a 21 game winner two years in a row! He had 16 complete games in 1972, and he was only tied for the team lead! Can you imagine any pitcher these days (except maybe for C.C. Sabathia) polishing off anything near that many? Not me.

Finally, from Thorzul, a nice package of Goudey. I'm gonna finish that set if it kills me! He also sent along this beauty:

I love anything from the '07 or '08 UD Masterpieces, like I said.

Keep those trades coming!


night owl said...

You're welcome. I'm finding more and sending them to you. Got to help out the less fortunate who can't buy anymore new cards!

dayf said...

No prob man, I'm glad I finally found that Cliff Lee. One of these days I'm going to show off those autos you sent me...