No New Cards For Me!

I think that I have had it with buying packs and boxes of cards recently. All you get out of the cheap Target packs is base cards, and not even anything good. (Thanks to the pack searchers for that. Oh, well, I guess that is what you get for buying packs for about half price!) Blasters give you something good sometimes, sometimes not. It's a throw of the dice, and the house usually wins. (Gotta love those "relics," maybe game used, maybe not, of the backup catcher for the worst team in the league.) Boxes give you nice cards, fun breaks, and lots of set building capability. But they are expensive, and you need two or more boxes to get the base set. Plus, you'll be lucky to get an auto or relic of someone you care about.

Plus, TDW (The Dear Wife) is upset with my hobby and feels it is interfering with our relationship. I also have resorted to not telling her about some of the lesser purchases that I make (like the 190 cards from the 70's for 10cents apiece). She doesn't like having things hidden from her. I sorta understand her point, but she has expressed disdain for my card collecting habit, so I'm overly sensitive to inflaming the situation in any way. (I haven't even discussed the little kitchen purchases she makes - a whisk here, a peeler there - that she doesn't mention to me until I come across it one day. "Oh, this thing, we've had it forever!")

Which all leads to an embargo on NEW cards coming into the house. No New Cards! For now, only trades for me. I will be attempting to finish up all those sets that I have started and am still working on: 08 Topps inserts, 08 Heritage, 08 A&G, 07 Goudey, 08 Finest. Please, please, please, if you have doubles sitting around burning a hole in your trade box, take a look at my want list and send me some cards. I've got lots of stuff to trade, so don't be hesitant to contact me. All traders welcome! If you give me a great deal of help, I'll probably also throw in a relic or numbered card in return, along with cards from your wantlists.

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