Topps Does It Again!

Well, Topps did it to me. They didn't have the card that I got for a redemption, so they sent me a card with a commensurate value. Hmmm, does it really? Some cards, while they might be the same "value," have more or less emotional value. Wouldn't you rather have an auto of a star than a superfractor auto relic DNA card of the assistant left field ball girl?

Here is what I got in the mail yesterday:

And here is what I got instead:

What do you think? Is this fair compensation? If I offered this Pawelek card as a trade for a Koby Clemens auto, would you take it?


dayf said...

If I was offered the actual Mark Pawelek to be used as my personal slave in exchange for a Koby Clemens auto I woudn't take it.

Flash said...

That's really horrible. I never really liked the idea of the redemption. Too many things can go wrong and you end up not getting anything in return. This is just as bad as the post office or Topps completely losing your request.

The Gooch said...

Wow an auto of the great Cubs prospect Mark Pawelek!!! According to Wikipedia, his claim to fame is sustaining an arm injury after tripping over his Playstation. Sounds like a real winner.

capewood said...

I actually have a Koby Clemens autograph (2007 Bowman Signs of the Time), in addition to a baseball I got personally signed by him. No I wouldn't trade for this Cubs kid.

stusigpi said...

You should send the card back with a letter stating that you thought you were getting a card autographed by an actual baseball player.