More 2012 Topps hits, including SSP!

I felt the burning itch (no, not that burning itch) to find another auto, so I began going pack by pack through my local hobby shop's jumbo hobby packs of 2012 Topps. Didn't get a great auto (Andrew Carignan of the A's), or even a dugout variation, but I did find this snuck into the inserts:

Not bad! The SP variation of #660, Yu Darvish throwing left-handed. (Did you know he was ambidextrous?) Goes for $40-60 on eBay, so that is where I've put it. I have no desire to keep it for a master set - there are too many SPs in Topps to make a true master set. If you want to make me a fabulous offer to trade for it, go ahead, but hurry up. You've got seven days! Or take a chance on the auction.

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Play at the Plate said...

Nice hit. Good luck with the sale!