Greetings from Boston

There's a small card shop in Marblehead, Massachusetts, on the North Shore about twenty minute drive from Boston, that I try to get to every time we go visit my in-laws. They have singles, singles, and more singles, and they have great prices. So how could I resist these when I saw them, offered $50 for both, and the merchant said "Yes!"

That's right, kids! A 1934 Goudey Joe Vosmik, and a 1939 Play Ball Hank Greenberg. How sweet is that! By far, these are the two most vintage-est of vintage cards in my collection. I never thought I would be able to get a real card of Greenberg's, much less a real Goudey, all for $50.

It was a nice weekend, to say the least.


Mark A. said...

Very nice weekend. What a pleasant way to return to us.

ShaneK said...

Coins in Marblehead! I used to go their often during my lunch from work. My company moved a couple towns away so haven't been back in over a year. I really need to take a half day and venture back!! Great shop and cant beat prices or commons to fill sets!!!