Brush with Greatness

So I'm putting cream in my coffee at the local artsy, college student hangout coffee bar, and I look up, and who is sitting there having a conversation with what looks to be a professor-type, but one of my favorite actors and writers in filmdom today.

Wallace Shawn, best known for his role as Vizzini in "The Princess Bride," but who should be better know for his writing and acting in "Uncle Vanya" and "My Dinner With Andre." (No, not Andre the Giant, also in "The Princess Bride.") His IMDB credits include over 100 movie and TV roles, and he did play the voice of Rex the T. Rex in "Toy Story."

So, everybody is dying to meet him, and I just hang outside having my coffee until he walks out. 

Nice guy. Great actor. Not as short as everyone thinks he is. 

If anyone has a card of his, I'd love to trade for it. LMK. Thanks.


deal said...

Dude makes me laugh no mater when I see him. Great story w/ nice details.

Dodgerbobble said...

"Inconceivable" is getting thrown around the office all the time!

Great auto!

Hackenbush said...

Big fan. I saw My Dinner with Andre in the theatre when it first came out. I have the published script. I also love him in Woody Allen's "Radio Days" as The Masked Avenger. "Beware evildoers, wherever you are!"