2010 Topps Updates & Highlights Review


That's all.

Not great.

Not bad.

The Hits: Nick Swisher Black Bat (12/25), Joey Votto All-Star workout jersey, Ricky Romero Peak Performance autograph (redemption), Strasburg #661, Gibson SP #661, Cliff Lee gold-border.

What I like: Continuation of a good set, with some great photography and an excellent design.

What I didn't like: Too many inserts again. Redemption Peak Performance auto. Manufactured relics.

What makes me really angry: I buy the Jumbo boxes because it gives me the complete set along with a few more hits and inserts than the wax box. This time, however, I ended up about 150 cards short of a full set. I only got half of the cards! What the...! If I had known that, I would have saved 30% and bought the wax box. Now I have to trade for the rest, or buy another box. Damn!


shanediaz82 said...

Wow, that is terrible. I've always thought that was the number one reason to buy Jumbo. Ouch!

Drew said...

Sorry about the box, but is there any way you'd be looking to trade that Swisher bat barrel? Shoot me an email sometime, thanks

Dan said...

I've heard from someone who buys a case to make sets and sell stuff at card shows, and ALL of his jumbo boxes did NOT make sets. Something is amiss at Topps....