Last Gasp?

Is my luck running out?

Not when it comes to 2009 Sweet Spot.

I haven't had a run of luck like this . . . well . . . ever!

Each pack is getting more expensive ($24 per pack, versus $18 when it first came out) and I have not been exactly getting my money's worth lately - Cody Ross, Nate McLouth, James Shields - when compared to the Hanson and Porcello autos I've pulled in the past, and especially compared to the Kiner bat barrel nameplate that I pulled last fall, which is a case hit. Each of those pulled in $100+ to fund my habit.

So, with one last ditch effort, I broke into a new box of '09 Sweet Spot. I can usually find the auto in the first pack or two, so I picked #5 first. Hmm, not bad, Schoendienst/Brock dual swatch. OK, #6 pack. Delgado relic. Meh.

#4 pack. Winfield relic. OK.

#3 pack. Carlos Lee relic. Uggh!

By this time, I've already spent $96, so I figure I might as well suffer the consequences and go all the way.

#2 pack. Granderson relic. Drats!

OK. Last pack. Tear the top open. Look in. Phew! Thick card there. Must be the Sweet Spot Signature. Pull them out. Slide the base out from in front of the Sweet Spot.


What's this? Not a Sweet Spot!?!??! Hey, I'm getting shafted again! No darn autogra....

Wait! What's this? A patch?!!!!!

Holy Shitake Mushrooms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A patch of Rollie ... no, wait, a patch of Catfish Hunter! Shnikeees! That's a beautiful patch! Another case hit! 18/27! Three color letter from an A's road jersey.

In fact, I think that this is actually the upside-down top of the "A" in "OAKLAND" as far as I can tell. It doesn't book in Beckett (no surprise there), but some knowledgeable friends think it will bring $250-300 on eBay, more in trade.

I think I'll give up now while I'm ahead.

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Want to trade it?