More Card Shop Booty

No, not THAT booty. Like pirate booty. Treasure. Trinkets. Valuables.

These valuables came out of more of the half-price packs that were on sale, in order to clear out inventory. This time: 2009 SP Authentic. Almost all of the packs were still in the box, and I'm allowed to hold the packs, though I don't do "pack-searching" by any stretch of the imagination. I tried that once, at Tar-jhay, and it was a complete failure. But with the SP, I thought I could distinguish between the dummy cards, which are getting thicker and thicker, and the By-the-Letter autographs. So, out of seven packs, I came up with these three finds:

Pretty good haul, I'd say. AAARRRR! Um, sorry. I couldn't resist. A Trevor Crowe BTL autograph, a Ryan Braun BTL autograph, numbered 10/10!, and a redemption for a rookie BTL autograph of David Patton of the Cubs. I'd say I got my money's worth!

Weird thing about these BTL autos, though. What do they spell. I now have two Crowes, a "U" and an "S", neither of which is in his name! I think that the higher-numbered versions spell "SP AUTHENTIC," but what about the Braun? "R" is in his name, so maybe the lower-numbered versions spell the names.

Additionally, there is no mention in the Beckett guide (sorry, but I use it for trading) of a lower-numbered version of the BTL autos. The Braun listed is also out of 65, I think, so what is this version? It is gold-trimmed, but there is no mention of it.

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laf said...

on the backside of the cards at the bottom it says what they spell out... that is what you are looking for. Also each letter is serial numbered