Even MORE Card Shop Booty

Wow, has my luck been red-hot lately.

Today is Trade Days, and I go early so that I can get some trading done. Unfortunately, nobody showed up for another hour, so I spent time, and money, in the store. Fortunately, I've become pretty good at picking the Sweet Spot out of new boxes. The first one I get is a Clay Buchholz jersey, but the second one is the Sweet Spot:

This is one of the two autographs I have been dying to pull since I came back into collecting, and started drifting toward high-end autograph hounding. The other is a Jeter, which I happened to get my grubby little paws on today, too:

A friend and fellow trader had an "extra" Sweet Spot that he was willing to sell. Not cheap. But worth it. So I got both of my white whales in one day!

In the meantime, I also did a bit of trading. I swapped the Ryan Braun SP Authentic By the Letter auto for this HOF autograph plus a rookie card of a future HOFer:

I also won the raffle of three packs of cards, including a Sweet Spot, so I was fortunate to get another HOFer jersey:

The Yaz is available for trade, but the others aren't. If you are interested in the Yaz, or any other auto or relic I have here, email me.

All in all, not a bad day of trading and pack-busting. I'm happy.


Mr. Scott said...

Congrats nice pull.

beardy said...

Not a bad day at all....