Joshua's gems

Number 1 Son Joshua wants to display his cards, but I'm hesitant to start him on his own blog just yet. So here are his best cards, in no particular order.

This beauty came out of 2009 Spectrum, just pulled today! Again, an inventory reduction had the Spectrum at half-price, and Joshua picked three out of the 10 or 15 left. Good pickin's! Matt Cain autograph jersey, numbered to 99. Why Joshua likes this one? "Just because." He's so nonchalant.

2008 A Piece of History Timeless Moments red Vladimir Guerrero. Joshua bought this from a 3-for-$10 auto-relic box at a local card show. Why he likes this one: "Vlad. Future HOFer."

2008 Sweet Spot Sweet Swatch dual jersey Derek Jeter and Hanley Ramirez. We both think the Sweet Swatches from 2009 are better than the 2008 version, but Joshua likes the dual relics from last year. This one caught his eye after I traded for it at a trade days. How could I say no! Why Joshua likes it: "Jeter and Hanley. More future HOFers." Jeter, yes. Hanley still has a ways to go.

2008 Ballpark Collection Quad Memorabilia Mattingly-Jeter-Ramirez-Ortiz. Two Yanks. Two Sox. Two pinstripes. Two steroid abusers. Two. Two. Two cards in one! Joshua traded for it at our Trade Days, giving up a Josh Freeman autograph. I wouldn't have, but he likes the swatches, and got this plus another relic card. Why he likes this card: "Probable future HOFers." Will Mattingly ever make it? Ortiz probably won't, unless he starts producing again and for several years to come, and Manny, well, we shall see if all is forgiven.

2009 Ballpark Collection Eight Swatch Memorabilia VMart-Cuddyer-Verlander-Swisher-Grady-Mauer-Cabrera-Dye. Phew! Thats a mouthful! Where Joshua got it: another Trade Days. Why he likes it: "Hey, if four is great, eight is even better, with good players!" Swisher? Cuddyer? OK, I'll give you Grady, VMart and Mauer, and Verlander and Cabrera on a good day.

2008 A Piece of History Franchise History Albert Pujols jersey, 27/99. Where he got it: Trade Days, again. Why he likes it: "It's Pujols! What more do you need to say!"

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