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When of the best parts of running a blog is the semi-unsolicited offers from readers to send cards from my wantlist. Everyone who does this turns out to be good traders, people who are in it to help others finish their sets and fill out their collections. That is why I am in it, too, so it there is a connection immediately to these friends who I would not otherwise meet. (It's almost like eHarmony for baseball card collectors!)

So it was no surprise when I received a nice package from Scott in Croton-on-Hudson, NY. I mention the location because it is one of the oddest names of a town that I've ever heard. Why not just call it Croton? Was there another Croton nearby that it had to be differentiated from? Interesting!

Anyway, Scott runs the newer blog Mr. Scott's Baseball Cards, and has made few trades already with the likes of Sooz and Play at the Plate. He sent me a stack of '09 A&G minis which I need, a Thome bat relic, a 2004 Donruss autograph of a long-lost Indians prospect and some Indians cards from 2009.

The A&G's still really interest me. Did you know that Beardy's idol Burke Kenny is a member of Beard Team USA? Did you know there actually IS a Beard Team USA?!!?! Jason Motte, who I just pulled a Sweet Spot Rookie auto of that is on my trade page if you are interested, pitched 164.2 innings, struck out 217, walked only 56, but still had enough time to let up 153 hits? That's a busy 2008 minor league season!

He also sent a stack of those weird 2008 UD Documentary cards. Looking at them, I understand why they are so reviled in the Hobby. They are boring, have the same picture on various cards of different games, and don't feature a picture of the player being highlighted in the blurb. I don't want to encourage it by even showing the pictures. Let's hope it dies a quick death and goes the way of some of the other Frankenstein products that have been put out over the last ten years.

Thanks, Scott, for all the great cards. Yours are on the way.

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Mr. Scott said...

Thanks Got the cards yesterday.