2009 Bowman Chrome

So, my local card shop owner suckered me into buying a box, minus one pack, of 09 Bowman Chrome for $40. "Below cost!" he said. I thought my son is collecting that set, but later found out he is only collecting the base non-chrome set. #%(##(_%#&_!!

Se we bust it open for fun, and what do I get?

I don't know this guy. Hmmm, a Yankee. I can probably trade it for something half decent. Then my son tells me, "He's the guy who can pitch both righty and lefty!" I look on the back, and sure enough, check out the "Throws:" stat.


That is something you rarely see. Pretty cool.

Then I check it out on eBay. It is selling for $30-40! Well, since I'm spending WAY too much on the SI autos and other things, I figure I need a little cash to replenish the Paypal account and keep my wife from being too suspicious of things coming in and not going out. So, if you are interested, I'm selling this card on eBay. Here is the link:

As for the rest of the box, I really like the simplicity of this year's design. Easy to read, good pictures, excellent quality. I'm a bit sick of WBC stuff, but it doesn't detract from the rest of the set since the design is identical to the base, except for the WBC logo.

The rest of the "hits" include another blue refractor, an orange refractor, an X-fractor, and 4 regular refractors (Kinsler, Cueta, Javy Vazquez, Kuo). Not a bad haul. No superstars, but a decent crowd. If you are interested in any of them, email me and let's work out a trade.


madding said...

That's crazy! I didn't know anyone did that.

Mr. Scott said...

Yeah its great he can pitch everyday in relief. Great Card

The Mojo Hand said...

Man I would have loved to have traded you for that card( bummer). Good luck on the sale of it. I collect gold refractors, and was curious if you would be interested in trading your Chih.

Let me know if this is O.K