What Could Have Been . . .

The Indians went to the World Series this year. Only under different hats.

How sad. I have still not seen a major championship for any Cleveland team since I was born in 1964, the last year the Browns won the AFL title.

I guess my hopes rest on the broad shoulders of LeBron, Shaq, Delonte, Z, Mo, Booby, Hicks, Moony, Parker, Brown, et al. The Cavs.

Yeah, 40 years ago, when they first started in the league, who thought THEY would win one before the Browns or Indians?

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Bo said...

It must be so frustrating to be a fan of a team whose ownership does not care about winning. Hiring Acta over Valentine? How sad. A generation ago it was the Indians, not the Red Sox, who were the Yankees biggest rivals. Hard to believe now.