More Old Unis from BigD

Thanks to BigD, I have some more old uniforms on modern players to add to my collection. You can see them by clicking on the link in the sidebar, but these are the new ones:

This is the first I've ever seen out of Upper Deck X, any year. I was surprised by this one, but it is a nice shot of Konerko looking very "old time."

Most of the ones that BigD sent were out of '04 Leaf. They either must have thought that these were a pretty cool to way to show the players, or the players wore a lot of these in '03. Rolen's uniform harkens back to Stan the Man.

I'm not sure these are "old-time" unis, but they are long gone (thankfully), and since I've already put one of those awful mi-70's Braves uniform in the old binder, I should include these. If only Zito had a handlebar moustache....

These White Sox uniforms are the second worst in their history, only losing out to the horrendous black-and-white, collared, shorts uniform that they mistakenly wore one year!

Finish off with a couple of good White Sox unis and a St. Louis Browns uniform. Love the Sox on Batista, but the elbow armor on Canseco looks out of place.

Thanks, BigD .


Drew said...

Cool stuff! I know a way to go all out on this old uniform thing. Pick up a Matt Kemp jersey card from 2009 (topps), they all have old school uniform pieces. I know Triple Threads, and regular Topps has em

Good luck! Drew

BigD said...

Glad I could make a contribution to the collection. I wasn't sure some of them were "old time" enough, bit hey, they're free right?

Grand Cards said...

These are great. I really dig the throwback uniforms on baseball cards--just another fun look to enjoy.