The Mess in Cleveland

Right now, I would rather be a Detroit Lions fan, or a Tampa Bay Bucs fan, or a Buffalo Bills fan or even a Raiders fan (well, maybe not a Raiders fan) than a Browns fan. The team is a mess, and there is no hope for a recovery any time soon. The coach, a maniacal, self-obsessed, power-hungry knucklehead has decimated the team and broken them down to a special teams player (Josh Cribbs) and everyone else. And he's working on running the lone respectable player out of town because he wants a contract commensurate with his status as the best all-around football player in the league. Can't have anyone on the team who is good, you know!

Mangini has decisively gutted the Browns and simultaneously disenfranchised the fan base, as good a fan base as there is. First, he runs out a troubled tight end for a song, then trades the high draft pick for a few spare parts from his old team, then jerks around two viable quarterbacks, and to top it off, trades a true #1 wide receiver for some more spare parts. (Is he still on the Jets payroll??!!!?!?!)

Not finished yet, though. He can't get along with his hand-picked GM, so he fishes for dirt on him and has him unceremoniously walked out the front door of the complex by security, in front of everyone.

What the hell was the Lerner family thinking when they hired this idiot? It is obvious that the team is in a downward spiral that it is unable to pull out of until they bring in a proven winner like Cowher or Shanahan. Someone who knows how to motivate and call plays.

It is a sad day in Cleveland, and I certainly feel the pain that all Browns' fans are feeling these days. A once proud franchise has been brought to its' knees by one man, and there is no light at the end of this tunnel. Not even a merciful train.


shanediaz82 said...

Mangini (or 'mangina' as my friend calls him) sucks!

SpastikMooss said...

I love the Browns! I am a lucky Browns fan though, as I grew up in Massachusetts. As such I was used to a life of terrible Patriot, Celtic, and Red Sox teams. Then 2000 hit and all of a sudden all three of those teams were winning championships (and multiple ones at that).

So though I became a Browns fan after living in Ohio for 5 years...I really don't have that history of pain associated with the Browns that most locals do. Things are terrible...but it's nice to watch the Josh Cribbs runbacks.