Mucked Up on Break!

Blowout Cards pulled a fast one on me and upped the price of the Ultimate by a whopping $120 today! I'm mad as hell! Now we've got to figure out what to do.

Do you think Blowout would honor the old price? Is there anyway to pull up the page from last week and order it at the old price? Maybe Blowout will generously change their minds, but I doubt it. Does anyone have a connection there? I'll try to find a copy of the old page.

If anyone has any suggestions for a different break, let me know. Sorry, people.

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beardy said...

Aw man, that sucks!

About the only person I know who may be able to help is I am Joe Collector. He deals with Blowout a lot.

I know they also offer a discount if you give them credit at the beginning of your break (if it's on video)